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Sulland Group, Norway

The Sulland Group signed a cooperation agreement with Caverion to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings. All in all, 142 energy efficiency measures have been implemented in 19 buildings, resulting in an energy reduction of almost 20%. The buildings now have a Building Management System (BMS) and are connected to an energy management system (EMS).

"Our goal is to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment. An energy efficiency project run in collaboration with Caverion has so far cut our annual consumption by almost 20%" - Torje Sulland, Head of Procurements, The Sulland Group

The Sulland Group is one of Norway's largest, privately-owned automotive corporations with a total of 700 employees. Operations are primarily concentrated on the car industry through 22 automobile companies representing 13 different car brands.


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With its 27 limited companies and 22 car dealerships, the Sulland Group owns extensive real estate with high energy demands. Before the cooperation with Caverion they used much more energy than necessary.

One of the goals of the Sulland Group is to minimise its impact on the environment, and the Group therefore signed an agreement with Caverion to make its buildings energy efficient.

In addition, Sulland Property wanted one supplier who could provide the maximum number of services for all sites located throughout the country, thereby realising reduced administration costs.


In 2014, Caverion was given the remit of transferring all the technical systems for Sulland Property to a Building Management System

The option chosen was Caverion's in-house solution “E-drift”. The same remit included retrieving readings from all energy meters that were used to invoice Sulland Property’s energy consumption.

The purpose of the Sulland Property project was to acquire the tools necessary to optimise energy consumption in their buildings as well as to monitor their technical systems.

Since 2014 the agreement has been expanded to include a total of 23 sites. Gjøvik and the Mjøs region (Kongsvinger, Elverum and Otta), Jessheim, Bodø, Harstad, Mo i Rana, Trondheim, Verdal and Tromsø.

Agreements have also been signed covering operation and tuning of the technical systems. This means that Caverion will assume responsibility for monitoring all of the technical systems in the Sulland Group buildings, which are spread throughout Norway.

The agreement includes using the Building Management System to monitor the technical systems. This enables Caverion to ensure optimal operation of all technical systems as well as reporting of all non-conformance and faults with the technical facilities.

Moreover, Caverion will monitor energy consumption (using EMS) in all buildings and submit proposals for energy-saving measures. Non-conformance in energy consumption, caused for example by incorrect use of the systems, will also be reported.

decrease in energy consumption

19 buildings, 142 energy efficiency measures

2014 - ongoing

Key figures (as of 08.06.2016)

  • Total energy reduction: almost 20% (3 million kWh annually); 142 measures improving energy efficiency introduced in a total of 19 buildings
  • BMS implemented in 17 buildings; 2 remain
  • 66 systems have been converted so that they can be implemented to the BMS
  • 4 technical systems remain to be implemented (e.g. ventilation generators, heating units and light control)
  • Energy management system (EMS) installed in 17 buildings; 2 buildings remain