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Trofi Teknopark, Tromsø, Norway

Trofi Teknopark is Tromsø's first office building built to passive house standards. Filled with modern technology and daylight control, it has high energy efficiency.
With demand controlled ventilation ClimaCeil ensures a healthy indoor environment for the people using the building.

When we invest in quality solutions, then we become attractive on the market, bringing in more revenue from the lettings.

- Erlend Sundstrøm, CEO Odd Berg Group

The Group’s activities are organised into three business units: Industry, Real Estate and Finance. Odd Berg Real Estate administers and develops the group's properties, focusing on industrial and commercial properties.


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The Challenge

The developer, the Odd Berg Group, wanted a flexible building that could easily be adapted to changing circumstances. 

Trofi Teknopark will stand for decades, but its functions will must be able to change during the different stages in the building’s life cycle, without causing any unnecessary inconvenience for its occupants. In addition, the building was to abide by the passive house standards, and  have an ideal indoor climate.

The Solution

Caverion was responsible for the total technical solutions for the entire project, and could therefor plan a flexible building that could be easily adapted to the needs of different tenants throughout its life cycle.

Responsible for the building’s life cycle, our advisory and design & engineering services in the early phases of the project ensured that Trofi Teknopark would provide added value for both the developer and end-users. In addition to efficient project management, Caverion also provided project execution and installed all the technical installations during the construction process.

To ensure a healthy indoor climate, we installed Caverion's own technical solution – ClimaCeil – with demand controlled of air flow and temperature. Caverion's ClimaCeil is adapted to the building's modules. This makes it easy to move, remove, or install interior walls in a way that results in great savings on alterations that may occur during the course of the building's life cycle. 

Caverion is also responsible for technical maintenance of the building.

The building was completed in November 2014.

Facts about ClimaCeil

  • Energy efficient
  • Draught free
  • Virtually silent ventilation/cooling 
  • Cooling without the use of ice water in the ceiling• Easy regulation of air volume and temperature
  • Online remote control 
  • Caverion contact:

    Per Skog-Hansen, branch Manager, Caverion Tromsø (per.hansen@caverion.no)

    Happy people in healthy building

    Passive house

    Key figures

    • Size: 4,700m2
    • Investment: NOK 100 million
    • Energy consumption: 199 kWh p.a.
    • Enova subsidy: NOK 2.2 mill.