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Skien Municipality, guaranteed energy-efficiency | EPC model, Skien, Norway

Given a goal of reducing energy consumption by 30%, nearly 400 energy-reducing measures were implemented over a period of 18 months in 37 buildings within the municipality. All the buildings are now connected to a central control system, an important mean in achieving savings and more efficient running of the municipality's buildings

"EPC is a self-financing way of reducing energy consumption whilst upgrading old buildings to modern standards. Within 7-8 years, the municipality will have € 650 000 extra we can put to good use." - Hans-Petter Heimholt, Project Manager, Skien Municipality.

Skien Municipality is one of the oldest towns in Norway, with 54,000 inhabitants. The municipality has been described by the state organisation for energy efficiency Enova as a pioneer within energy.



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The municipality has been implementing energy efficiency measures since the 1980s, meaning that all low-hanging fruit had already been picked, e.g. timers were already in use. All the buildings - including 11 kindergartens, 12 nursing homes and healthcare centres - had to remain in use whilst the upgrades were executed.


The measures were completed in the spring of 2015, and the project is now in the guarantee phase during which the investment is repaid in form of energy savings. Total investment given all the criteria laid down for the project was € 4 million, which will be repaid within 6-7 years. The municipality received around € 760 000 in Enova subsidies for the EPC project.

We implemented 378 measures designed to reduce energy consumption in 37 buildings covering a total floor area of 130,000 square metres over a period of 18 months. Venstøp School for example used to be an energy drain, before we implemented measures such as a control system, heat pumps, performance optimisation and a new ventilation system.

A common web-based control system has been installed at all 37 buildings, allowing the janitors and Caverion's energy consultants to monitor and control heating, ventilation, lighting and anything else connected.

Details of energy efficiency measures

378 measures within automation, ventilation, heating and sanitation, electrical systems, lighting and building engineering, including:

  • replacement of existing ventilation units
  • replacement of ventilation fans and heat exchangers, old systems cleaned
  • extra insulation of pipes, components and lofts
  • installation of heat pumps (air in gymnastic halls, water in old boilerhouses)
  • installing lighting control
  • optimising heating plant (water treatment, radiator valves, cleaning water system)
  • optimise energy consumption in swimming halls
  • replacement of windows
  • Key figures

  • No. of buildings: 37 (11 kindergartens, 14 schools, 12 nursing homes/healthcare centres)
  • Number of measures: 378
  • Investment: € 4 million, ex-VAT
  • Estimated energy savings:   7,257,369 kWh p.a. (29.3% reduction)
  • Estimated output savings:   927 kW
  • Enova subsidy: € 760 000
  • Repayment time: 6-7 years

  • Caverion contact:

    Øystein Fjellheim, Senior Energy Consultant

    30% lower energy consumption

    $ 650 000 each year

    Control systems in all 37 buildings

    Facts about EPC

    Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a model for energy and rationalisation measures with guaranteed results. Caverion’s EPC-model always includes:

    1. business case analysis
    2. project execution
    3. guaranteed energy performance 
    4. configuration management