Raiffeisen data processing center, Vienna, Austria

On 3 April 2014, Raiffeisen Informatik opened the "SPACE" Data Center, one of the most powerful and state-of-the-art data processing centres in Austria. In the first expansion phase, six separate server rooms are in use in two storeys. The entire server floor area is 2,400 m². With long-term planning, Raiffeisen Informatik takes into account the high data volumes that will increase in the future.


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The key specifications in the areas of efficiency, security and sustainability placed the highest demands upon the building and domestic technology. Caverion Österreich is responsible for the project execution of heating & sanitation, ventilation & air conditioning, fire protection systems and control systems. The main focus is on the cooling devices for the server systems of which there are currently six.

  • Specifications and guidelines R-IT (IT guidelines), VZM – Groblastenheft (rough specifications book), circuit diagrams, building site security
  • Cooperation with various technical security and electrical installation companies
  • Function tests: Endurance test according to VZM guidelines
  • Labelling system of all HVAC installations according to VDD and QR-code
  • Documentation in accordance with R-IT specifications
  • Energy monitoring of measurement, control and regulation technology
  • Year

    April 2013 until January 2014

    Facts about the building (final stage)

  • Property: 24,000 m²
  • System rooms area in total: 5,000 m²
  • System rooms individually: 400 m²
  • Order volume: approx. EUR 8.5 million, execution by Caverion Österreich (branches in Graz / Markt Allhau)
  • Solutions

    Cooling device

    The focus of the entire project is the supply of refrigeration to the server rooms that currently have five refrigerating machines with a total output of 6,500 kW: The waste heat is discharged via five back cooling units with a humidifying system. They are fully deployed especially during the free cooling operation. Corresponding redundancies have been considered according to the specification. The climatic chambers are operated with relatively "high" cold water temperatures to facilitate the use of the free cooling function completely and in the long-term depending on the external temperature. The water supply of the humidifying system is provided using spring water whereby provisions have been made for corresponding underground storage tanks as a possible emergency operating mode. The servers are cooled using climatic chambers. They are supplied via climate braces  whereby provision is made here too for supply redundancies for the pipe installation. 

    The refrigeration supply for the remaining LAN rooms, electrical rooms, the office area and the ventilation systems   is provided by means of an central energy management system (heating / cooling in dual operation) 

    Heating system

    The heating supply will come from the central energy management system. In the general area, the heat is discharged via radiators, in the office area provision has been made for a ceiling with integrated heating/cooling.

    Ventilation systems

    Provision has been made for a ventilation system for the following areas. 

  • Ventilation system server rooms - 12,000m³/h 
  • Ventilation system general technology - 15,500m³/h 
  • Ventilation system office - 6,500m³/h 
  • The storage and technology premises in the basement /first floor/upper floor will also have smoke extracted from them in the event of fire. 

    Sanitary installations

    The drainage of the ceiling area of the office wing is performed using a low-pressure drainage system. An osmosis plant was installed for the spring water for the humidifying systems of the server heat exchangers. Filtering and UV sterilisation have also been planned for the spring water. 

    Measuring, control and regulation systems

    Caverion supplies the entire MCR system whereby special data processing centre specifications  must also be observed here in terms of the safety and functioning of the system.

    Fire extinguishing systems

    Server rooms, provider and IFS rooms are equipped with gas extinguishing systems. Here  Provision is also made for corresponding redundancies in the total system. 


    Corresponding dry coolers were installed by Caverion on the roof for the exhaust heat of the five emergency power systems on the first floor  
    (total exhaust heat power: 6,500kW).

    April 2013 until January 2014

    24,000 m²