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Passenger Port of St. Petersburg "Marine Façade”, St. Petersburg, Russia

The Passenger Port of St. Petersburg "Marine Façade” is the first and only specialized passenger port in the North-Western region of Russia, which is located on the hydraulic-fill areas of Vasilyevsky Island, it is also the largest port of its kind in the Baltic region.

Caverion is in charge of the technical maintenance of building systems and utilities, elevators and escalators, elevating and transition ramps for motor vehicles, telescopic passageways, water-treatment plants, and pumping stations for water bunkering.


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Maintaining a comfortable and technically safe environment for passengers and personnel  of the port, and extending the service life of buildings and facilities.

Providing a quality servicing and keeping building systems and equipment in good working condition, maintaining the technical parameters within the set limits, and preventing emergency situations.


Maintenance is provided on the basis of schedules. They are adjusted according to the occupancy of the berths and terminals in order to preclude any inconvenience to the operation of the port for servicing ferries and passengers.  There is a 24/7  instrumental monitoring of the condition of structures, building systems and utilities of the port. Special attention is paid to the timely preparation for the first open water; for that purpose, most of the labour-intensive preventive maintenance work is done in winter-time, viz.: preparation of the water-purification and water-treatment plants, inspection and examination of elevators and escalators, passageways and ramps, diesel-generator units and other vital systems of the port.



Facts about the facility

Buildings of the port are 29,770 sq. m in total area, with on-site systems (ventilation and air conditioning, heating, power supply, water supply and sewerage, dispatcher control and monitoring system): 

  • 4 buildings of the Marine Passenger Terminal (3 two-storey buildings and 1 three-storey building),
  • a three-store building of the port’s control centre,
  • a motor transport carriage documentation building.
  • Port territory: the area of 33.03 ha with off-site utilities (water supply and sewerage, heating networks) and on-site utilities (heating networks, water supply and sewerage, including bunkering networks for feeding ships with purified tap water and waste discharge from ships, as well as back-up fire fighting):

  • 7 berths 2171.06 m in total length;
  • 7 bus parking areas with tents for boarding passengers on tourist buses;
  • 6 control checkpoints;
  • car parking areas (turnover 58,000cars per year);
  • pedestrian 372 m in length;
  • 2 one-tier elevating and transition ramps for motor vehicles with a turning platform;
  • 2 mobile telescopic boarding  ramp.
  • Facts about Caverion’s services

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Personnel:  4 dispatchers and 12 shift technicians on a 24/7 duty. Scheduled maintenance and repairs: 17 technicians and engineers
  • 29,770 m2 
    total building area

    33.03 ha 
    port territory