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DC Tower, Vienna, Austria

DC Towers are a distinctive feature of Vienna's skyline. Standing 250 metres tall, DC Tower 1 is not only  Austria's highest building but also a fascinating new urban landmark. 

The DC Tower 1 combines architectural aesthetics with an advanced 'green' design and functionality. It is one of the first Austrian office towers built and equipped in accordance with the energy and sustainability requirements for 'green buildings' issued by the European Commission. 


  • Projektin toteutus

Järjestelmät ja tuotteet

  • Ilmanvaihto ja ilmastointi
  • Lämmitys, vesi ja viemäri
  • Automaatio


  • Kiinteistösijoittajat ja -kehittäjät


  • Tornitalo


  • Technical: know-how by Caverion 
  • Project size/ construction time: joint order fulfilment of several branch offices 
  • Financial power: existing in Caverion Österreich
  • Personnel: leaders, project management, technicians and mechanics are permanently employed – peak performance with additional temporary workers
  • Year


    Facts about the building

  • hight: 220 m + 28 m antenna
  • floors: 60
  • gross floor area overground: 93.600 m²
  • gross floor area underground: 44.000 m²
  • usage: Hotel, offices, apartments, gastronomy, gym
  • Green Building certificate: LEED: Gold targeted
  • Contract value approx. EUR 25 million realized from 4 branch offices
  • Read more about the building: DC Tower
  • Facts about Caverion's solutions

    Heating and Sanitation 
    The heat supply is distributed by “Fernwärme Wien” (the district heating company owned  by the City of Vienna). Overall heat demand : approx. 9 Megawatt. Heating is spread through: underfloor heating, radiators, convectors, ventilation systems, ventilation convectors.

  • Water supply: booster stations for 3 pressure stages
  • Drinking water warming system: central for hotel, gastronomy, gym and wellness
  • Water treatment plant: for heating/cooling, air humidification and kitchen
  • Watering outside: rainwater pool with 20 m³ tank volume
  • Deposition equipment: fat separator for gastronomy
  • Rain drainage: roof with low pressure system

  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • 6 pcs. Complete air condition systems with combined air inlet and outlet devices including heat recovery in the office areas (air volume approx. 230,000 m³/h).
  • 14 pcs. Partly air condition systems with combined air inlet and outlet devices including heat recovery in the hotel, apartments, gym, pool, gastronomy and archive (air volume approx. 250,000 m³/h)
  • various exhaust air units: in the garage and secondary rooms
  • forced-draft cooling systems for staircases and escape routes
  • Central refrigeration supply with 2 Turbo-chiller (use of sprinkler pool) and heat exchanger (sprinkles from approx. 28 °C outdoor temp.)
  • Climate cabinet;for office areas 4 sprayed glycol heat exchanger
  • Installed refrigeration performance: approx. 8 Megawatt
  • Free-Cooling performance: approx. 2 Megawatt
  • Cooling is spread through: concrete core cooling, ventilation systems, cooling ceilings, ventilation convectors

  • Automation
  • Building management /automation
  • Switch gears
  • Peripheries (sensors, control valves,…)
  • Fire protection and  smoke dampers in a circle bus system
  • Room automation
  • Network infrastructure for automation network and sub networks as well as bus systems
  • Complete services and necessary hard- and software
  • Automation and building management system
  • EUR 25M
    Contract value approx.


    220 m
    high building