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Data centre ensures welfare in Tønder Municipality, Tønder, Denmark

A new data centre in Tønder Municipality is ensuring that local citizens are protected against breakdowns in vital IT systems and the impairment to welfare services that this would cause. The IT systems used in healthcare, care homes, kindergartens and schools are now managed from the data centre, which ensures that the municipality's services to local citizens function as they should. At the same time, operations have been streamlined, after two server rooms were looped together and merged into a single updated data centre.

Image: Ronni Noer Høirup

Lars Møldrup about the cooperation with Caverion:

Through cooperation with Caverion we have a modern and updated data center that ensures the well-being of Toender Municipality. We've got really good advice all the way into the project, and we are very pleased with the work Caverion has performed closing down two older server rooms and put them together into a new and updated data center.


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After putting the project out to tender, Tønder Municipality chose Caverion to build the data centre, which has replaced the old server rooms, which constantly had to have parts replaced. 3800 municipal employee's daily work depends on the data centre. Functional manager for the Secretariat, IT and HR in Tønder Municipality, Lars Møldrup, explains just how important the data centre is:

- “The entire operation of welfare is driven by the data centre.  For example, when the home care professional notes who last visited Mrs Smith and what was done. If the IT structure does not work, welfare does not work. It’s that simple. Telemedicine and supporting healthcare services are good examples of welfare that won’t function with a data breakdown,” says Lars Møldrup.

Saves DKK 263,000 every year

Tønder Municipality prioritises high levels of uptime and security.  This was why the municipality chose Caverion to built a complete and efficient data centre. The energy-efficient data centre cost DKK 2.1 million to build and uses much less power – equivalent to saving DKK 263,000 every year. The payback period is 4.2 years on the cooling system, and in 10 years, the cost of the entire data centre will have been recouped. Every component in the data centres has a twin component, so reliability is high. Previously, the servers were powered from the same transformer, and there was a greater risk of a breakdown. Lars Møldrup could see that in the long run, it was just not viable to keep on repairing the two server rooms. 

- “I received the key figures on power consumption, and I could see that something had to be done. The two server rooms had a lifetime of 2-3 years, so we decided to build a new data centre. In the long run, the operation is efficient and financially beneficial, and it’s very important that we optimise operations and data security,” explains Lars.

Can predict breakdowns

Together with its partners, Caverion was responsible for ensuring the data centre is energy-efficient and built to the latest standards and international principles for physical IT Security. Caverion had the operational responsibility for merging the two server rooms into an updated data centre, where external threats and breakdown in the supply lines were taken into account.

- “When building and designing a data centre, it is statistically possible to predict how much downtime you will get every year by using the international standards. This is why it’s important that before you begin to build or redesign a new infrastructure, you must consider how much downtime can be tolerated. On that basis, you can then design a corresponding solution. It’s a must for the municipality where many citizens are dependent on things functioning,” says Caverion Sales Director, Marcus Holm.

3800 municipal employees is daily dependent on the data center

263.000 DKK in the saving of power


Total savings on the new data centre

The data centre makes power savings equivalent to DKK 263,000 every year. The payback period is 4.2 years on the cooling system, and the cost of the entire data centre will have been recouped in 10 years.

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