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Citybanan, Stockholm, Sweden

All the trains that pass through Stockholm, including commuter, regional and intercity trains, currently has to pass through a bottle neck with only two tracks south of the central station. But the construction of a six-kilometre-long tunnel for commuter trains with two new stations connected to existing stations on the Stockholm metro system will put an end to congestion, overcrowding and delays.

The Swedish Transport Administration is a government agency which is responsible for the overall long-term infrastructure planning of road, rail, sea and air transport. The agency also has responsibility for the construction, operation and maintenance of state roads and railways. 


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The challenge

  • Together with the tunnel for commuter trains, two new stations – Station Stockholm Odenplan and Stockholm City – have been built, which have direct links to Stockholm's metro system. Caverion supplied the technical installations for the lighting, power and automation systems at Odenplan and also installed the sprinklers and heating and sanitation solutions at Stockholm City station. 
  • In addition, Caverion designed and constructed a system to ensure that the stations can continue operating in an emergency. 
  • The solution

  • Installing the lighting, power and automation systems at Station Stockholm Odenplan on Citybanan.
  • Installing sprinklers, heating and sanitation at Stockholm City station.
  • All the technical systems at Station Stockholm Odenplan are linked to the customer's own control system to give a complete overview of the entire station.
  • An emergency power plant has been constructed just outside the city centre. This guarantees that the stations can continue operating in the event of a power cut. 
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    Facts about the construction project 

  • The new stations are deep below ground, underneath Stockholm's existing metro tunnels. Because of this, materials had to be transported a long distance and complex logistics systems were needed.  
  • Facts about Caverion's solution 

  • Station Stockholm Odenplan: Installation of lighting, automation and control systems
  • Stockholm City station: Installation of a sprinkler system with a total of 1 000 sprinkler heads. 
    - 10 pumping stations have been installed 40 meters below ground level, to remove stormwater.
  • Emergency power: This is a high-voltage plant in Tomteboda, just outside the city boundary. In the event of a power cut, the plant can supply electricity to the stations in five different ways. Using diesel from a tank with a capacity of 20 cubic metres, electricity is generated to power the stations' ventilation, lighting and control systems and their lifts and escalators. The plant can operate for 24 hours before the tank needs to be refilled. With regular refills of diesel, it can keep the stations operating for several weeks.
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